Barcelona needs little introduction as a popular holiday destination. The spectacles of Las Ramblas, FC Barcelona, Gaudi and the beaches have put the city firmly on the map.

The cities hot Mediterranean climate is a major factor in its popularity – Barcelona enjoys year round sunshine and warmth, very low rainfall and a very mild winter.

Peak season for tourism is the summer when the city and its beaches are thronging with visitors. But without doubt Barcelona is a city with year round appeal. Visiting the city outside of the summer is any equally rewarding experience and you will find the streets are less choked, museums queues are shorter, accommodation is more readily available and cheaper, and the sun is still shining.

Obviously the best time to visit depends on what you want to get out of your visit. If you are not a beach person and want to visit the Picasso and Miró Museums then there is no need to come in summer.

To make life easier for you and help you decide when is the best time of year to plan your trip to Barcelona we have created a breakdown of activities, events and goings on in the city season by season.


Spring is a popular time to visit Barcelona with visitors from the Northern Hemisphere, especially Scandinavia and Northern Europe. As winter and darkness hangs on in these countries spring comes early in Barcelona where spring is underway and the sun shining from April onwards.

Events in Barcelona in spring


Barcelona has an incredible buzz come the summer months and it is a joyous time of year. As mentioned before, this can make it a little too busy for some. Come August the cities own inhabitants up and leave for the cool of the Costa Brava or the Pyrenees leaving the city to the tourists.

Events in Barcelona in summer


Autumn is a mellow season in Barcelona. The cities inhabitants breathe a sigh of relief as the heat slackens from mid September. But the weather stays nice through October and even into November, with cooler evenings.

Events in Barcelona in autumn


Winter in Barcelona is as mild a winter as you can find anywhere in Europe. This is a really nice time of year in the city, especially through November and December when cold of any kind is exceedingly rare and eating outdoors is still no problem. Catalan Christmas has many wonderful traditions to explore and this is a highly festive time of year.

Events in Barcelona in winter

If you are coming to Barcelona remember that an apartment in Barcelona is an affordable option at any time of year as well as comfortable and convenient