Following on from our last post ion Christmas Eve in Catalonia, here we talk about the 25th. In Catalonia and the rest of Spain the 25th of December has not traditionally been the main celebration at Christmas. Instead the main emphasis has been the celebration of the Three Kings on the 7th of January. However in recent years Santa Claus has made his entrance and families now often have a small Christmas tree and place small gifts underneath for their children. Larger presents are still provided by the Three Kings on the 7th.

Christmas Day in Spain is devoted to eating, though there are few set rules as to what is eaten on Christmas day. Roast meat is often a popular choice. Tables are spread with various tapas, which may include dishes such as asparagus, jamon, fuet, bread rubbed with tomato, seafood and nice salads.

One thing you will notice on Christmas Day here is that bars and restaurants, as well as many small shops, all remain open. This is a more relaxed affair than Christmas in other countries and more of a normal day.