Sara Baras is one of flamenco’s leading lights. Born in Cadiz in Anadaluzia, she rose to fame in the 1990s and has won a number of awards including the Madroño Flamenco of Montellano (Seville) in 1993 and the prize for the Best Female Spanish Dance Performer in 1999 and 2001. She even made an appearance in the global blockbuster Mission: Impossible II (2000), and has also branched out into modelling.

Voces, Suite Flamenca is a performance Baras directed, staged and choreographed herself, and the show arrives in Barcelona on the 15th of this month, for four nights. World class Flamenco dancing, bold lighting and stylish dresses are all guaranteed.

The show pays tribute to six flamenco luminaries who have greatly influenced her work, among them Carmen Amaya, Antonio Gades and Paco de Lucía.
Set to thrilling live music, Baras leads a company of 15 performers—including guest artist José Serrano—in a theatrical spectacle that captures the emotion, drama and passion of flamenco.

Hailing from Andaluzia, flamenco, with its unique southern combination of music and expressive dance, has become one of Spin’s best known cultural traditions.

For many visitors to Barcelona, a trip to a flamenco show is high on their bucket list. There could be no better initiation to the art from than a live show from its virtuoso performer!

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