Everyone loves a good brunch. Here are our top 3 in Barcelona. Enjoy!

Federal Cafe

Based on an informal Australian eatery, Federal cafe looks like it up sticks from Melbourne and landed in the Eixample in Barcelona.

Featuring exceedingly tasteful decor and plenty of natural light, this is a really relaxing weekend brunch joint.

With friendly service and a menu specialising in breakfasts such as juices and shakes, eggs, bacon and sausage, fruit and sandwiches. The coffee is amazing.

Parlament, 39
Sant Antoni



Picnic more than fills its modest space. It opened in 2010 and gave the premises a rigorous makeover creating a welcoming space with country-kitchen bar stools, exotic flower arrangements and lounge music. Food is influenced by the US deep south, with corn chowder, fried green tomatoes and the very tasty speciality that is little crab cakes with fennel salad and crème fraîche.

If you come at the weekend for brunch do get there early for any chance of a table.

Comerç, 1



Norte is another firm favourite. Located in the Eixample Dreta this time, Norte was opened by three friends who graduated in an unusual combination of philosophy, journalism and art history.

The group have turned a corner bar into a superb miniature restaurant offering reworked and updated classic dishes from the Basque country and Galicia, served on small plates.

Breakfast and lunch are delicious here, with omelettes and scrambled eggs served with toast and a home-made jam that tastes like a family recipe. All the seasonal vegetables are organic. A great placr to come for families with children.

Diputació, 321
Eixample Dret