Barcelona is jogging friendly for a city of its size. If you are planning on packing your running shoes you will be sure to find some great jogging routes; these will also help you to discover more of the city.

Do remember that temperatures here are much higher than in most of Europe, and that hydration can be an issue.

Here are our favourite running routes in Barcelona.

By the sea

This is nearly everyone’s favourite place – who would not enjoy a jog in the sunshine in front of the Mediterranean?

The beach promenade offers roughly 6 kilometres so there and back you can do a 12k run without having to think too much.

A great time of day to run is very early in the morning before everybody is up and about. Perfect for enjoying the sun reflecting on the water and the calm that is creates.

If you get too hot, kick of your trainers and enjoy a refreshing swim!


Another great central area for jogging, Montjuïc has the additional attraction of being very green and verdant. There is plenty to see en route: the castle, the Olympic stadium and the Botanical Gardens. Not forgetting of course the stunning views across the city and out to sea!

It is often a challenge to find non tarmac surfaces in a city to run on but Montjuïc has the additional benefit of offering many different types of terrain: dirt paths, cement, or grass.

Ciudatella Park

If you are staying in the centre this is another traffic free option. A lap around the park is 2.5k which is ok for shorter runs. You are still close to the sea so you can easily fit in a dip afterwards.


Tibidabo is the distinctive mountain that you can see from anywhere in the city. This is the greenest route, more so even than Montjuïc. The Collserola Mountains where Tibidabo are located are a nature reserve, and there is an 18k circular trail that is perfect for running and enjoying an amazing view over the city.


One of the most popular running courses in Barcelona is the long and wide central rambla along the Diagonal Avenue. Drawbacks include pollution, that the rambla is not continuous but is broken up with traffic lights, and noise from the cars. But if you are staying in the area and itching to burn off some bravas then it can work, especially later on in the evening when rush hour has passed.