Ferran Adrià met yesterday with some of the best chefs in the world, Joan Roca, Juan Mari Arzak and Pedro Subijana in Roses, the town where he has his restaurant El Bulli. His prediction? That in the future few of their luxury resturants restaurants will exist because the future is tapas and casual dining.

Twelve Michelin star chefs gathered to discuss the situation of the professional kitchen and Adrià pointed out that the future of food is greater informality and exportable concepts such as the much loved Spanish tapa, which he stated is  “the last step remaining, the future” that will create a major boost for the Spanish hospitality sector and its export produce.

“It’s not a case of opening a restaurant in another country, but that foreigners want to open true Spanish tapas restaurants, and for that, need references” luxury restaurants” such as El Bulli, Akelarre, Arzak or El Celler de Can Roca. “And that’s how it should be” he added.

Arzak stressed that he feels the future of Spanish cuisine is assured by the generation of young chefs working in the teams of the best restaurants in the peninsula, including his own daughter, Elena Arzak.