Silvia Pérez Cruz has one of the freshest musical talents to have come out of Catalonia in recent times. Renowned for her impressive voice, Pérez Cruz was she was raised on pop music and educated at Barcelona College of Music where she studied classical music and founded a flamenco group. Her style incorporates jazz, flamenco and even Portuguese Fado, and later flamenco. Péres Cruz sings in English French, German and Spanish as well as her native Catalan.

Fernández Miró is a longtime collaborator of Pérez Cruz. The duo recently released the album ‘Granada’ recorded with nothing but their voices and acoustic guitars. The result is an intimate and soft sounding album featuring cover versions that the pair have made their own, including the famous Catalan song ‘El Cant del Ocell’.

Expect to hear live sounds their new album as well as some classics at the Casino de l’Aliança del Poblenou in Barcelona this weekend ( Tickets are 26 euros.