A novel attraction in Barcelona, Ropes and Knots is the brainchild of José Antonio Portillo, an art installation aimed at children from age 6 to 12. It consists of a circular wooden space containing shelves jostling with fragments of everyday life such as unpublished manuscripts, sheets of music and items found in the rubbish.

The aim of Ropes and Knots is to create a dialogue between the gaze of the spectator and the ordinary items that make up a life, and the unusual stories that these items tell.

This edition of the Library of Ropes and Knots is yet more novel, accompanied as it is by the Library of Noises and Sounds. The audience enters an octagonal chamber that is meant to symbolise the brain, where they are guided through an exploration of how we gather, store, transform and react to sound by percussionist Enric Monfort.

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