Barcelona’s Raval is one of its most vibrant, colourful districts. Home to people from all over the world, this part of the old town possesses a distinct energy, one that is multicultural, young and decidedly bohemian.

This Thursday the Raval district comes to life with the opening of its annual festa major, a grand Spanish street party that offers one and all the opportunity to discover and to celebrate the Raval’s rich cultural diversity with an eclectic mix of world music and food incorporated into a more traditional Catalan celebration featuring ancient traditions such as castells (human towers) and correfocs (fire runs).

Festivities commence on a rare low-key note with a parade of choral music, the tempo quickly dancing gains pace with gegants (giants), and continues to provide a range of activities for all ages and tastes throughout the weekend, including music, gastronomy, sports, children’s workshops, cinema, dance and games.

The Festa Major del Raval last from the 14th to the 17th of July.

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