The Gothic Quarter is one of Barcelona’s most popular places to visit. Home to Las Ramblas and to countless medieval streets, plaças and historical sites and monuments, it is no surprise that the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter can at times be choked with tourists.

One of the saving graces of the winding and at times confusing medieval street plan of Barcelona’s Old Town is that once clear of the main throroughfares and ensuing crowds, one can suddenly find oneself in a hidden square or street with beautiful medieval architecture that has been totally missed by the tourist crowds and by locals alike, and remains practically deserted.

One such hidden gem we would like to share is the Plaça Felip Neri, tucked away in a corner of the city next to the cathedral but always empty. This part of the city is known as the Call, in medieval times prior to the Inquisition home to Barcelona’s thriving Jewish community. The narrow winding streets of the area are wonderfully atmospheric. In summertime they provide shelter from the heat and in winter when few people go there, the atmosphere is like that of a quiet country town.

The Plaça can be found off Calle Sant Sever, see the map below. As you walk along Calle Sant Sever from the direction of the Cathedral, look to the right and you will see a narrow steet, take this and it soon opens up onto a beautiful little medieval square with a church and a wonderful restaurant with a terrace. Note the bullet holes in the wall – a painful reminder of the civil war in the 1930s.

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Here you will find a sense of calm and of history – a place that shows the real character of the Gothic Quarter – just 2 minutes walk from Las Ramblas, and you may have the Plaça to yourelf. Just don’t tell too many people!

Where to Stay

In the area of Plaça Felip Neri we have a wide selection of Las Ramblas apartments.

Very close by to the Cathedral, we offer the Duran apartment building with 12 Ramblas apartments. The building boasts with a rooftop terrace and plunge pool to cool off in, plus view of the Old Town.

The Colon Building offers luxury Ramblas apartments in the Old Town next to the Old Port, another very good optiopn for exploring the Old Town. These also come with a rooftop terrace and pool.

Another option are the Pelai apartments Pelai D and Pelai C.

As well as the above recommendations, please see our Barcelona Las Ramblas apartments section for many more rental apartments in this area.