This Christmas the Liceu in Barcelona will hold a performance of a traditional Catalan “Pastorets” on the 20th and 21st of December. The performance coincides with the 15th anniversary of the reopening of the theatre after the fire in 1994.

A Pastorets play is a Catalan nativity play dating back to at least the 15th century. The plot combines the contents of the birth of Jesus, the struggle between good and evil angels and demons, and the Shepherd’s experience of the first Christmas.

Since then have been many authors who have written their own version of the nativity, or Pastorets, and they have taken place in numerous cities, towns and villages throughout Catalunya.

But the humble Pastorets formula has never before been performed at the Liceu on Barcelona’s Ramblas.

Composed by Albert Guinovart and Jordi Galceran , the Liceu’s Pastorets will be performed by its own Symphony Orchestra, and by singers Cor Vivaldi – Petits Cantors de Catalunya.

Tickets for the show are on offer at a flat price of at a single price of 15 euros in order to be affordable for everyone.

The story of the cantata will be performed by Elizabeth Egea, with Albert Guinovart himself playing the piano. Songs are in Catalan and subtitled in Castilian.
If you are in Barcelona this Christmas then why not take the chance to enjoy this authentic and ancient Catalan tradition.