The MIRA festival is a unique festival of audiovisual experimentation, a unique sensory experience to be enjoyed through two weekends (from October the 30th to November the 7th) of exhibitions, installations, concerts, conferences, workshops and many other things that defy all attempts at categorisation!

Firstly, there’ll be audiovisual treats with performances from the the likes of Andy Stott, Rival Consoles, Lenticular Clouds and MFO.

During the weekend of the 30th and 31st of October, the Santa Mònica Arts Centre on Las Ramblas will offer a range of free activities and classes based on the subject of artistic vision, with a focus on new visual art trends, technologies and debates.

Throughout the festival workshops will be on offer for visitors. For example, the MIRA Immersive Camp 2015, a fully immersive insight into the most cutting edge and advanced digital video creation technique—Fulldome Workshop 360º. The workshop is led by international experts on the theoretical and technical aspects of dome-based audiovisual projection.