In Barcelona and throughout Catalunya, food markets are a feature of everyday life. Why shop in a supermarket where the food arrives on the shelf after a long process of transportation and storage when you can eat fresh and local fruit, vegetables, meat and fish? Markets are also often the focus of a community, a place to bump into neighbours, chat, or drink a coffee in a bar. In this sense they offer much more than just shopping, but are part of Catalan life and culture. Markets such as La Boqueria de Sant Josep on Les Rambles have become famous globally in recent years. Municipal markets are funded by the ajuntament (Barcelona’s city council) to make them economically viable in the face of competition from supermarkets.

This October the best of Barcelona’s market stalls will come together on the Plaza de la Catedral, in the old town to show their wares at the 5th annual edition of Mercat de Mercats, a gastronomic celebration of all that is good in Catalan food.

At Mercat de Mercats all of Barcelona’s district food markets will be in attendance, with a selection of individual stalls from each setting up shop to offer their finest fare.

The event is divided into different areas—the wine cellar, market stalls, tapas, and the cooking school. Local food and wine producers will be taking part, as will a number of bars and restaurants. Alongside the market there will be talks, workshops, and tastings run by local chefs and wine experts. This is a must for anyone who loves Catalan cuisine, or anyone who would like to find out more.

Entry is free and drinks and tapas are available at a variety of prices