The Loop Festival is an exciting showcase of video art that takes place every year in Barcelona. This year’s edition takes place across more than 100 different venues in the city, together creating a collective exhibition of video art or any art that requires moving images to portray its message.

While last year’s edition was based on the audiovisual, this year returns to the visual. Loop 2016 asks an interesting question – does an absence of dialogue and sound facilitates a universal understanding of film?

One film being screened at this year’s Loop is ‘Incluso El Silencio Es Causa De Tormenta’ (Even Silence Causes Torment); a collaboration between filmmakers Luis Macías and Adriana Vila, and Portuguese multimedia artist Alfredo Costa Monteiro that explores the relationship between sight and sound and our perception of them.

Another interesting piece is ‘Solid Light ‘by British-born, New York-based artist Anthony McCall, whose work turns projected light into a three-dimensional space to a dazzling, almost sculptural effect.

Loop takes place from the 26th of May to the 4th of June. See the event website for more information, here: