The Generalitat of Barcelona (local government) has declared las Casas Cerdà in Barcelona to be Bien cultural de interés nacional (BCIN) , which means that they are buildings of historical and cultural interest and as such are protected from damage or redevelopment.

Las Casas Cerdà are a set of three buildings at the intersection of Roger de Llúria and Consell de Cent in Barcelona’s Eixample, though originally there were four. Their name comes from the landowner and businessman who developed the site, Josep Cerdà Soler, rather than Ildefonso Cerdà who was responsible for the design of the Eixample.

The Cerdà houses were built in a chamfered form according to Ildefonso Cerda’s Plan in 1859. They are important as they are some of the very first major buildings that were made in the Eixample, and because they are more faithful to the Cerdà Plan than many subsequent developments.

If you are touring the Eixample to discover more about the history of Barcelona’s art nouveau and industrial past, be sure to visit these fascinating buildings.