Barceloneta is built on land reclaimed from the sea between the old town and the old island of Maians, and is where Barcelona’s most central beach is located.

An evocative name, La Barceloneta, this is Barcelona’s much loved neighborhood by the sea, where the people of Barcelona love to come and eat fish, seafood and “tapas”. A little grubby but choc-full of charm and faded grandeur, the Barcelones would not love La Barceloneta any other way.

A beautiful neighbourhood to explore, la Barceloneta boasts beaches on one side, the quaint Port Vell (old port) on the other. It absolutely must be explored on foot, as the streets are generally too narrow for cars.

Once Barcelona’s fishing district, this working class neighborhood was redeveloped before the 1992 Olympic Games and is home to one of Barcelona’s best-loved beaches. This was not always the case, Barcelona was a city that turned its back on the sea until the 1992 Olympics, and the coast here was formerly squalid and dirty, a far sight from the clean sand and clear water enjoyed today.

The beach is thought to have inspired Miguel de Cervantes for the setting for the fight between Don Quixote and the Knight of the White Moon – it was here that the knight errant was finally defeated and abandoned his quest.

“Barcelona,” exclaimed Don Quixote, “is an archive of courtesy, a shelter for foreigners, a hospital for the poor, a homeland for the brave, a vengeance for the offended, and a pleasant correspondence of firm friendships, and in place and beauty, unique.”

— Miguel de Cervantes in ‘Don Quixote de la Mancha’

As spring gathers momentum and the first breath of summer is being felt over our city, be sure to come down to the Barceloneta when you visit Barcelona and enjoy its beaches, sea food, and laid back old world charm.

The maritime promenade of La Barceloneta is a wonderful place full of life, perfect in fact to enjoy a stroll and feel the sea breeze on your face. Activities are abundant here; there is a fitness area, beach volleyball facilities, beach tennis and ping-pong tables.