Italians make up Barcelona’s largest EU foreign community. With their shared love of food, culture, fashion, art, design and literature, Catalunya and Italy are two cultures with a great deal in common. Barcelona is a city that historically has always looked east to the Mediterranean and its trade routes rather than inwards to the Spanish peninsula. Catalan is still spoken on the Italian island of Sicily from the days when it belonged to Barcelona’s court.

Italians continue to make a major contribution to the cultural and economic life of Barcelona.

To celebrate this bond a brand new festival called the ‘Italian festival of Barcelona’ is running from April the 15th to17th. The festival is open to locals, expats and tourists alike.

The Italian Festival of Barcelona will be dedicated to all aspects of Italian lifestyle. It will include an extensive showcase of Italian creativity, including art, literature, food, fashion and music.

If you are in Barcelona exploring the city why not drop in on the Italian Festival and experience two Mediterranean cultures in one day?