The Barcelona L’Oreneta Pony Park in the north of Sarria aims to reach out to more students than ever this year. The Pony Park, which runs the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, will bring the world of horses more to than 5,000 city children in a practical class where they can comb and stroke eight ponies as well as take a ride on them.

Children from 91 schools in the Catalan capital, from many different backgrounds, will benefit this year from a free equestrian morning. The activity takes place during school hours and is aimed at children aged 5-8 years.

The initiative is part of Barcelona Equestrian Challenge (BECH) and is organised by the Institut Barcelona Esports (IBE) with the aim of bringing the world of horses to school in Barcelona, promoting a passion and respect for animals, nature and sporting values.

Over the past year during 2013 and 2014, over 4,000 Catalan school children benefited from this program exceeded by far during the current school year. As confirmed by Ramón Catalán, president of CSIO Barcelona and representative of Real Club de Polo, “the number of children who benefit from this project is multiplied exponentially, and throughout this course will about 5,100 youngsters will enjoy with this activity. It’s our bid to get Barcelona more involved with their natural environment” Catalan added.

On weekends the Pony Park also offers rides to the general public and visitors to the park, who visit Oreneta to walk, play or ride the miniature steam circuit railway.