Allergies and food intolerances are increasingly common. For the travelers with these allergies, a source of concern when visiting a new town or city is always this: “what will I be able to eat, and where?”. Luckily, Spanish shops and supermarkets cater well to those with intolerances, particularly celiac disease, and increasingly lactose intolerance. In this post, we want to share with you our favorite spots to eat without worries.


Ca l’Estevet (Valldonzella, 46)

This restaurant offers delicious traditional Catalan dishes adapted for people allergic to gluten, dairy or eggs. Three of their specials are: bacallà a la llauna (pan-fried salt cod), the Café de Paris entrecôte steak and Paella Parellada.

Il Piccolo Focone (Dos de Maig, 268)

Il Piccolo Focone serves amazing gluten-free pizzas, as well as fresh filled or dried pastas, risottos and tasty desserts. Their pizza dough is made with cornmeal, buckwheat and potato starch, and all the cured meats here are gluten-free, so no need to skimp on toppings.

Pötstot (C/ de València, 204)

Vegan, gluten and lactose free, but with all the flavor. Pötstot offers a wide menu with options for all tastes. Here you’ll be able to enjoy traditional Spanish, Catalan and other Mediterranean meals with a homemade feel. Croquettes, lasagna, sobrasada, paella, fideuá, cannelloni, tapas, hamburgers and much more!


Mercadona, Alcampo, Carrefour and other big supermarkets

As we mentioned earlier, pretty much all big supermarkets in Spain offer gluten-free and lactose-free options. Most of them have a large section dedicated for these products, so it won’t be a problem if you need to do your groceries.

Glut End (Rocafort, 139)

If you’re looking for a more specialized store, Glut End is a perfect option. As their name suggests, they specialize in the sale of gluten-free products, and offer a wide variety of foods. You will also find products suitable for other intolerances.

Cafés & bakeries

Granja Viader (Xuclà, 4-6)

Granja Viader is one of the most popular and historical cafés in Barcelona. Here the lactose-intolerant people can sample the thick, Spanish-style hot chocolate, made only with water, cocoa, chocolate and cinnamon. It also has plenty of celiac-friendly edibles.

Celiadictos (La Pobla de Lillet, 5)

Celiadictos’ main goal is to offer the best gluten-free pastries and bread, and they do it really well. Their baked goods also satisfy dairy intolerances, as none contain milk. A real must try in the city!

Gula Sana (Diputació, 361)

Another great option for all gluten intolerant people is this beautiful café. Here you’ll find foods and products for all types of diets. Desserts, biscuits, cookies, muffins, sandwiches and gluten-free tapas in a beautiful, cozy atmosphere.

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