The Festival de Creació Contemporània Escena Poblenou is an exciting event that builds bridges between art, activism and society; at the same time acting as a place for performing arts professionals to meet, network and collaborate. The Festival uses unconventional spaces and unconventional methods to make the performing arts more accessible to the public.

There are lots of entertaining and thought provoking shows on offer. With the topic of immigration in the news globally, one un-missable piece is the work of Kamchatka, an artist collective whose work tackles the topic of immigration and integration.

Spanish artist Jaime Refoyo’s work deals with the essence of human nature and explores the boundaries between the natural movement of the body and the space that surrounds it.

Events take place at the Centre civic Can Felipa, Pallars 277, Poblenou, from the 22nd to the 25th of October.