The Table of Madness, by the Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch, arrived at the CaixaForum in Barcelona on Wednesday. The work is on loan form the Museu Del Prado in Madrid where it has and will form a central part of an interesting new Caixa Forum exhibition “La belleza cautiva. Pequeños tesoros del Museo del Prado” (Captive beauty. Small treasures of the Prado Museum).

This exhibition, which opens on July 15 at the CaixaForum (between Plaça Espanya and Montjuïc), will have a total of 135 works on loan from the Prado. What makes this exhibition all the more remarkable is that there are very few surviving works by Bosch in the world. The Prado collection is perhaps the most important. King Philip II of Spain had a special interest in this painter, and as ruler of the Low Countries at the time he was able to assemble a fine collection of the Bosch’s works and these have remained in the Spanish capital ever since.

Due to the age and rare nature of Bosch’s work, conservation is a concern. For this reason the collection generally does not leave Madrid often, and when they do, only those that are least at risk are loaned to other Museums. This makes the forthcoming exhibition in Barcelona all the more special, and furthermore admission to all exhibitions at the CaixaFourm in Barcelona is free for everybody.