Art Nouveau, city streets, people, tourists and taxis, lots of taxis. These are some of the popular subjects drawn by illustrators participating in the ‘Barcelona Illustrated’ exhibition, running until the 16th of January in Gràcia at the fashion gallery Las Cosas de Martinez.

This is an exciting exhibition where you can discover the city from the viewpoint of some of Barcelona’s most important established and emerging artists.
“The show is different, diverse and fun,” says Inés García-Albi, curator of the exhibition. “On display are the distinct visions of thirty artists from different spheres, including advertising, the press or editorial”. The illustrators work in various techniques, from watercolours, collage, pencil, acrylic, ink, screen to digital”.

Artists featured in this the exhibition include: Xano Armenter, Ignasi Blanch, Mirthe Blussé, Laura Borràs, Roberta Bridda, Brusco, Lluís Cadafalch, David Elósegui Victor Escandell, Arianne Faber, Africa Fanlo, Flor Garcia, Christian Inaraja, Isamat Marcos, Oscar Julve, Katrina Kalnina, Lluïsot, Eva Miquel, Perico Pastor, Elenio Pico, Imapla, Sonia Pulido, Felix Roca, Max Saladrigas, Gemma Sales, Philip Stanton, Martin Tognola, Luisa Vera, Natalia Zaratiegui, and Lucas Zarraluki.