This fascinating new exhibition at the Museu del Disseny features photographs from the museum’s fashion photography collection, which comprises over 460 images.

Though the world of fashion and marketing has changed considerably in the past two decades thanks to the rise of the internet and new media, throughout the 20th century fashion photography was central to the spread of new fashion styles and trends, and this exhibition explores the evolution of fashion photography during this time period.

Photographs featured date from between 1903 and 2013 and represent the work of 35 different photographers; diverse origins include fashion magazine editorial shoots, work commissioned by fashion brands and work commissioned by designers and companies to use in advertising campaigns.

The exhibition itself is split into seven sections; each one illustrates a different stage in the evolution of fashion photography.

Distinction. A century of fashion photography takes place from the 25th of November to the 26th of March at the Museu Del Disseny.