The American sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady, A.K.A Coco Rosie, are playing in Barcelona at the Sala Apolo (c/ Nou de la Rambla 113) on the 26th of May; on tour to promote their new album ‘Heartache City’, an album filled with lyrics of love and loneliness.

Coco Rosie formed in Paris. Their distinct sound is hard to pin down, though some describe it as ‘freak folk’, as it incorporates elements of pop, blues,opera, electronica, and hip hop.

Heartache City moves a away from the experimentation with psychedelic, electronic sounds on albums and returns to their roots with a sound somewhat resembling their first album, La Maison de Mon Rêve (2004). The album was recorded at their farm studio in the south of France, using ‘minimal equipment, vintage toys and antique instruments’, according to online music magazine Pitchfork.

A live set from Coco Rosie at the Apolo is sure to be an unforgettable evening.

For tickets see the Apolo website here: