FC Barcelona fans are still on tenterhooks over Cesc Fabregas’s transfer. A sense of deja-vu perhaps? Endless rounds of transfer negotiations with no resolution have become a recurrent feature of summer in Barcelona, as certain as the extreme heat.

Although such a move would see Cesc demoted from captainship and perhaps frequently on the bench in a squad replete with some of the finest midfield players in the world, Cesc himself makes it plain he wishes to leave Arsenal for Barcelona, home to the Cantera (youth training aceademy) where he grew into the world class player he is today.

Cesc has expressed his admiration for Pep Gaurdiola – perhaps no wonder given the success at all levels he has lead FC Barcelona to, the quality of the football he produces, and his all round cool and professionalism – particularly under fire from the pantomime histrionics of Real Madrid trainer Jose Mourinho.

Would be team mates including Xavi and Dani Alves (Alves went through the same process to leave Sevilla 3 years ago) have voiced their support for Cesc, who recently claimed he has played his last game for Arsenal.

With support at every level and Arsenal in agreement with his sale, it seems like it should be more staightforward. So what dictates the horns of this dilemma? Money, as ever. UK daily The Mirror reports that Barcelona are set to offer 35 million, 5 million under the asking price of 40 million (pounds). Arsenal are sure to rebuff the offer, their coffers are full having moved stadium and thanks to some sensible accounting in the transfer market; and they are currently witnessing a summer exodux as top talent such as Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri leave for new clubs.

So we have been here before and only time will tell the outcome – hasta la proxima?