Cara a Cara (Face to Face) is a thought-provoking new exhibition at the Fundació Foto Colectania showcasing over 100 works by Spanish and Portuguese photographers, with works dating from the early 1950s right through to the present day.

The exhibition focuses on portraits, as its name suggests. It sets out to highlight work s that get up close and personal with the photographers’ subjects, works that highlight both the striking diversity and the touching similarities shared between all human beings.

Cara a Cara is an exhibition providing a fascinating insight into what it means to be human. The photos exhibited are an opportunity for reflection and contemplation on the subject of self.

Entry to Cara a Cara costs €3, although it is free on the first Saturday of every month. The exhibition runs from October the 6th to February the 13th, 2016.

Find out more information about Cara Cara here.

Fundació Foto Colectania Julián Romea 6, D2, 08006 Barcelona