Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture is an exhibition at the Museu del Disseny devoted to the use, function, symbolism and the aesthetics of the use of ceramics in architecture.

The collection of works dating from ancient times, particularly the Mediterranean, Middle East and Ancient Mesopotamia, explores the symbolism and use of clay bricks, tiles and ornaments in architecture over time, across millennia and up to present day. Works from Picasso and Miró are included.

In this exhibition, the Museu del Disseny aims to highlight the importance and the continuing use of ceramics in architecture, as well as to show both ancient and modern applications of ceramics in architecture.

The show’s curator is the architect Pedro Azara. It opens as part of the Forty-Seventh Congress of the International Academy of Ceramics of Barcelona, an event that will be hosted in the Disseny Hub Barcelona building, which also houses the Museu del Disseny.

It runs from the 16th of September 2016 to the 29th of January 2017 in Room A of the Museu del Disseny.

Tickets cost 4,40€, or 3€ for concessions.

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