Port Med Barcelona (Formentera Mar) us set to invest 30 million Euros in the construction and operation of a luxury marina on the north pier of the Old Port of Barcelona , which will be named Marina Vela and will berth some 339 luxury boats. This represents a very important development for Barcelona as a city.
The Port of Barcelona approved the works last Wednesday, and in the coming months Port Med Barcelona will presented further details of the construction to the Port Authority of Barcelona (APB) for approval.

Construction will start before the end of this 2014 and will last 24 months. The marina which occupy 2.5 acres of land and five acres of water, with a capacity for 134 boats between 10 and 40 meters in length. In addition a dry dock of 3,000 square meters is planned, which can accommodate 205 other pleasure craft up to nine meters in length. This brings the total capacity will be to 339 sailing boats.

To serve the Port and the public, the new marina will have a multifunctional building containing an outdoor shopping centre with a public plaza, expanding Rosa dels Vents Square next to the Hotel W. On the inside it will feature more space for the storage of boats. It will also feature the new harbour Master’s quarters, where the Harbour Master will house work directing and controlling the activities of the marina.

Other developments will include the Mirador Building, housing a restaurant with views over the water, while the dam building will feature a pedestrian walkway on its roof, as well as 51 parking spaces. The Rambla Building will connect the Joan de Borbo gardens ride and will have 71 parking spaces.
In addition to these developments there will many new public outdoor spaces.

The marina is an exciting addition to Barcelona’s ancient port which dates back to Roman times, and will add to the existing leisure possibilities of the port including the aquarium and mare magnum shopping centre.