Barcelona Yewellery Week takes place from today until the 13th of October and during this time will convert Barcelona into the jewellery capital of the world. In case you were wondering, “yewellery” is how Spanish speakers pronounce the English word jewellery; the name is an irreverent one.

The event takes place in the Santa Monica Arts Centre and the Royal Shipyards, on Las Ramblas, and will showcase the latest trends in jewellery, with auspicious guest artists in attendance including Italy’s Giampaolo Babetto, considered the “father” of contemporary jewellery, as well as France’s Yannick Mur. In total the event will bring together 62 individual artists, over 52 artists from seven collectives, 45 artists and 37 galleries, and five students from eight different international design schools.

In addition a side named “Off Joya” invites attendees to walk the “jewel path”, in which fifteen of Barcelona’s most prestigious galleries have mounted several exhibitions.

While last year’s event highlighted rising stars of Latin America, in 2014 Joya will receive a large attendance from Asia, with 15 artists from the AME gallery in Hong Kong, a group of 10 artists from Taiwan, as well as various other individual designers from Japan and Thailand.

The “Espaijoia” display will the site of the former Royal Dockyards from October the 10th. This will feature 110 companies from six countries, with France as the guest country, with over 170 French jewellery stores. One of the highlights of Espaijoia be the “Author Gallery” where unique pieces or series of works will be on display.

You can also visit an exhibition of a selection of pieces designed by international artists involved in “Jewellery Contemporary Yearbook”.
This year’s edition of show will also be a tribute to the Catalan art nouveau jewellery house Bagués-Masriera, as 2014 is its 175th anniversary. Barcelona yewellery week marks this occasion with an exhibition of the most famous pieces by Bagués-Masriera.