The summer sun is still here in Barcelona but our minds are starting to turn towards autumn and hopefully some respite from the heat! This autumn Barcelona will be hosting some interesting exhibitions and cultural happenings, just in time for the end of summer.
An exhibition on Barcelona during the First World War, an exhibition dedicated to Carles Casagemas and another by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei are just some of the highlights.

From the 24th of October until February 2015, the Joan Miró Foundation will be exhibiting “Barcelona, neutral zone (1914-1918),” which will be about Barcelona during the First World War as depicted in formats such as: art, photography, illustrations, magazines, postcards, advertising, cards and film.
Also in October, “On the Table” will open at the Palace of La Vicereine, a comprehensive retrospective designed by Ai Weiwei that will reveal his artistic career, from his beginnings in New York of the 1980s to today.

The National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) opens an exhibition on Carles Casagemas in late October. Casagemas was a close friend of Picasso who committed suicide in 1901 in Paris, very beginning of the twentieth century and has never been presented in a museum monograph friend.

The goal of the exhibition is to simply exhibit the work of Casagemas and Picasso together and confirm the place of both artists together in history.
Also on the theme of Picasso and his acquaintances, from October the 2nd, the Picasso Museum will be displaying a set of photographs s the second sample photographs donated to the centre by the international photographer David Douglas Duncan, another close friend of Pablo Picasso.

More traditional work is on display at the CaixaForum, which is hosting an exhibition of the “Treasures of the Prado” until the 5th of January next year. Old masters such as Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, Rubens, Titian and Hieronymus Bosch that are usually only seen in Madrid will be on display at the foot of Montjuic.

At the MACBA in October the work of Italian artist Carol Rama will be on display. His career spanned over seven decades (1936-2006).
From November the CCCB present “Piso Piloto” which explores the parallels between town planning in the Colombian city of Medellin and Barcelona, cities of comparable size, with a long relationship of mutual collaboration.

The CCCB proposes the audiovisual installation “Under Siege”, in the framework of the commemoration of the tercentenary of the Bourbon troop’s siege of Barcelona during the War of Spanish Succession, and reflects upon the contemporary aspects of the besieged cities.

Something for everyone is on offer in this diverse and fascinating set of exhibitions. Do not forget to check out the permanent collections of Barcelona’s museums as well, as the artistic and cultural offering here is superb.