AskMen Magazine has chosen Barcelona as the world’s top city to visit out of some 29 destinations including. AskMen is a UK bases online magazine with some 15 million readers worldwide. Barcelona was the clear winner in a poll of global cities including Sydney, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Punta Del Este, Mexico City, Napoli, San Francisco, Berlin, San Sebastian, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Melbourne, Paris, London and New York.

Barcelona was described as being “Arguably edgier and more bohemian than Madrid” and a “bastion of urban cool”. Factors for Barcelona’s edge over its competitors include:

  • The largest football stadium in Europe with a capacity of 100,000: the third largest in the world
  • A 1999 Riba God Medal for architecture, the first timt he city has been a city and not a person
  • An average of 2,524 hours of sunshine each year: Sunshine, outdoors living and outdoors eating earn the city a great deal of popularity with visitors

This is not to mention, said AskMen, the vibrant nigthlife of Barcelona, its cocktail and nighlife scene earning mention.

See the full article here.

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