There are numerous tourist routes of Barcelona’s cultural wide heritage – modernism, Zafon, Rodoreda, Miró, The Cathedral of the sea.

Now, forty years after Garcia Marquez was first published, La Casa America Catalunya recently launched a tour of places that were significant to the literary group that revolutionized twentieth century literature. Authors such as García Márquez, Vargas Llosa and Donoso all lived in Barcelona and worked under the tutelage of Catalan literary agent Carmen Balcells.

“It was something that the city was lacking” affirms Cristina Osorno, head of the Casa America Cataluny. Most literary tours focused on Catalan authors but there was none dedicated to a movement that has given so much to the city.

Passers-by will not see their landmarks marked by any official signposts. Interestingly, Latin American predecessors Rómulo Gallegos and Ruben Dario have plaques in the places where they lived, but not so with the places frequented Vargas Llosa, Garcia Marquez, Cortazar, Fuentes or Balcells.

García Márquez could never enjoy the gold medal of the city he was posthumously awarded at a ceremony in March.

The new route is being done with the collaboration with the Libraries of Barcelona. It will last about two hours and take place mainly in the Ciutat Vella: the port where boats arrived with the writers, and where they were going. Escudellers, where Mexican Sergio Pitol stayed, the pension where Fernando Vargas Llosa and his aunt-wife Julia spent their first night in the city, the Palau Guell and the Monastery of Sant Pau del Camp Gabo visited with his friend Tísner.

Attendees will read excerpts from the novels they wrote here in certain significant points. “We plan to soon include tours Sarria, where many of the writers lived,” says Marga Arnedo, organizer of the route.

If you enjoy the work of South American authors such as Garcia Marquez and Vargas Llosa, you are sure to enjoy this wonderful tour. See for more information.