Barcelona City Council is cracking down on noise resulting from nighlife in the city, with a new campaign called Silenci Pla. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the reduction of noise in key areas of nightlife in the city.

The initiative aims to reach out to about 700 establishments in all districts and runs till November, with city environmental workers working with local communities to reduce noise pollution between 11pm and 6am from Thursday to Saturday.

The launch coincides with a new ban on organized bar crawls in the old town, whereby tourists wearing special bracelets enjoy low cost alcohol. These have been identified as a source of much antisocial behaviour, as well as drunken noise. Guides will be given a penalty of up to 1,800 euros. Bars themselves that take part also face heavy fines if they promote these tours.

Local residents and visitors alike will be delighted with these measures which promote a more civilised balance between nightlife and their own rest and relaxation.