1. Research the city well before you bookResearch and learn about the layout of the city to find out which area suits you best. Barcelona is divided into different districts, with very different characteristics. The old town is central and home of the world famous Las Ramblas. Here streets are narrow and atmospheric, and the area is full of history. But, you will also find the greatest concentration of tourists here, and more ‘tourist traps’ than in any other part of the city.The Eixample is home to Barcelona’s art nouveau buildings, with broad avenues and a more quiet residential character. Sagrada Familia and Gracia are within the Eixample.The beach is perfect for a blend of a beach holiday and a city break, and it is easy to access from the city centre, no more than ten minutes by metro. You will find many beach apartments available on our website.
  2. Think about transport and how you are going to arrive at your apartment. If you are going to drive to Barcelona, it is recommendable to book an apartment with a parking space. Street parking is hard to find in Barcelona, but public car parks are available. Our city guide contains for more information on these.Alternatively if you are planning to come by plane, research the public transport options for reaching your apartment. The public transport in Barcelona is excellent and includes trains, metro, buses and trams. You will find all of our accommodation is close to public transport routes.
  3. Learn a little Spanish, or better still some CatalanThough English is quite widely spoken in Barcelona, and by all the staff of Feelathomeinbarcelona, speaking some a local language will help you to make the most of your visit. Catalan is the official language of Catalonia, but Catalans are bilingual in Catalan and Spanish so do not worry.
  4. Prepare well for the weather in BarcelonaBarcelona is well known for its splendid Mediterranean climate. If you are not used to the heat, remember to pack some cool clothes, a hat, plenty of sun cream, and to always drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.Winters in Barcelona are warm and sunny and rainfall is very low, and snow practically unheard of. All the same it is important to bring appropriate warm clothing if you are visiting in winter.All of our Barcelona apartments have air conditioning and heating, and provide bedding and towels.
  5. Familiarise yourself with the public transport available in BarcelonaPublic transport in Barcelona is excellent and makes a big difference to the quality of life in Barcelona. Compared to cities such as London, New York or Paris, you can get around Barcelona in an instant using the public transport system, which is clean, safe and cheap.A half hour’s metro journey in Barcelona will take you from one end of town to the other, so a normal journey is about 5 or 10 minutes.This is worth taking into consideration when you chose an apartment; the centre and the attractions of Barcelona are easily reachable wherever in the city you may stay.
  6. Make the best of your self catering apartmentAll of our rental apartments in Barcelona come with a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare a meal, bar the ingredients! Food markets in Barcelona have an incredible selection of fresh meat, fish vegetables, cured meats and exotic cheeses, all of which are reasonably priced.One of the beauties of a rental apartment is that if you like to cook or want to economise, you have a kitchen where you can prepare all your meals.
  7. Plan your sight seeing activities wellBarcelona has a great deal on offer and it is best to plan your sight seeing well, so you also have time to relax and wander Barcelona’s beautiful streets and immerse yourself in its way of life.
  8. Take advantage of our apartment buildingsIf you are visiting Barcelona in a large group, you do not need to book into a hotel to stay together. We offer a number of buildings where we have many different apartments under the same roof. See our buildings page for more information.
  9. Bring a mobile phoneThere are no phones in rental apartments, so it is a good idea to bring your mobile phone.
  10. Learn about the neighbourhood where you will be stayingDon’t miss the things right on your doorstep in your haste to see al the classic sites. All of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods have their own charm and interesting things to see.