Safety tips

Barcelona is a safe city, but as with all cities you should be vigilant in certain areas.

Some safety tips:

  1. Be careful if you are carrying money or documentation in your bag in a crowded place.
  2. Don’t leave personal items (wallet, mobile) on the table in a terrace, bar or restaurant
  3. In the streets around Las Ramblas, if you stop to view a street performance. Mind your belongings.
  4. The cup and ball game is a con, beware pickpockets around you and do not bet any money.
  5. Only buy entrance tickets from official sales points, do not trust ticket touts.
  6. Don’t leave any belongings visible inside a parked car, try to only use a car park with security.
  7. Don’t show your wallet in public places.
  8. Put the strap of your bag, camera or other belongings across your chest/back.
  9. Watch your cases at all times in places such as the airport, bus and train stations and Port.
  10. If you are robbed, try to find a police officer immediately who can instruct you on what action to take.