By car

An ample network of roads and motorways in and around Barcelona provide fast and easy access to the city, making the car one of the most popular ways of reaching Barcelona.

Barcelona is approximately 150km from La Jonquera, where the motorway crosses into France. Here Frances network of motorways and roads connects with the AP7 motorway, running all the way into Barcelona in under 2 hours.

Among the other main routes from Barcelona the two most important are the AP2 motorway, that connects with Madrid and the centre of Spain, and the AP7 motorway that runs parallel to the coast in a southerly direction towards Andalusia, passing through Valencia.

Access to the city from the motorway is managed with two ring roads (the Ronda de Dalt and the Ronda Litoral). Other entrance points include Avenida Diagonal, Avenida Meridiana, and Gran Via. It is worth being aware that traffic can be intense at peak times.

Once inside Barcelona, traffic volumes can be very high just as they can in any large city, though Barcelona’s grid plan does allow greater mobility than in many cities.


It is not recommended to move around the city by car as public transport is very good. Your best option is to park your car in one of the numerous public car parks found all across the city. Prices vary but are around 2 to 3€/hour, or 30 to 35€/day.

Additionally, the car parks in Barcelona Forum, Estacion del Nord and Biomedical Research Park all offer special rates for long term stays. An interesting proposition if you do not plan to use your car during your stay. For more information about prices see

Street parking is restricted and must be paid for in Barcelona. There are two zones, blue and green, with prices that vary from 2-3 euros per hour, for a maximum period of two hours. Conditions usually apply from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm.