Taxis are easy to find anywhere in Barcelona at any time of day or night, and are one of the best ways to get around the city, especially at night when public transport is less frequent. Prices are good value, especially when compared with other major cities.

Taxis are unmistakable thanks to their black and yellow colouring, and they have a light on the roof indicating if they are free or not (green if free).

There are taxi ranks in various parts of the city but the most common way of catching a taxis the customary flagging one down from the curb with a raised hand, when one with a green light passes.

The cost of a journey is shown on a meter inside the taxi, just as in other countries. A surcharge is added for each suitcase carried, trips to and from the airport and train station and travelling on public holidays such as Christmas, new year etc. You will find a list of surcharges in the interior of all taxis.

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