Vall de Núria

The Pyrenean Vall de Nuria is at some 2000m above sea level and is surrounded by mountains such as Puigmal, 2910m above sea level. One can only get to Nuria by cremallera train, this leaves from Queralbs, or on foot. During the 20 minute train ascent you can enjoy spectacular scenery.

This is a highly popular destination, not only for the spectacular scenery, but also for an ancient religious sanctuary. At the start of the 20th century the current buildings was built over the remains of the original one.

There is a legend based on a cross, a bell and a pot, that whomsoever prays in front of the cross, with his head inside the pot whilst ringing the bell, will gains the gift of fertility. Obviously this doesn’t quite make sense, but it is a tradition and couples still visit Nuria to give thanks to the Virgin for their children after having performed the ritual.

The valley is of incomparable beauty and there is a lake situated in front of the sanctuary, where you can go boating. During winter there is a ski station with ten slopes and a toboggan slope for children.

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