Parks and gardens

Barcelona has many parks and gardens where you can enjoy a picnic, a walk, or simply some green space and some time away from the crowds. We recommend the following parks in Barcelona:

Ciutadella Park
The Ciutadella Park is one of the largest in the city and is situated next to the old town. It was built as part of the 1888 Universal Exhibition on the site of an old fortress. Some buildings from the old fortress still exist, such as the chapel, the Governors Palace and the former arsenal, which are now the seat of the Parliament of Catalunya.

The Park has a large expanse of gardens, with many trees, and with areas to walk and to relax in, with such pleasant corners as the lake and the waterfalls. The lake is in the centre of the park and has various islands and exotic plants, you can hire a rowing boat to explore it.

The Barcelona Zoo is also found in the Ciutadella Park, making it the ideal destination for an unforgettable family day.

The Park Güell
Park Güell is unique, a park that combines nature with extraordinary Art Nouveau architecture. Originally conceived of as a planned community, it was designed by Antoni Gaudí for the businessman Eusebi Güell, and inaugurated as a public park in 1922.

Gaudí used all of his skill in the design, which covers an area of 20 hectares, within which there is not one single straight line. Everything is curved, twisted and sinuous, creating a magical atmosphere.

The central point of the park is formed by a huge 3000 metre squared oval, the edge of which comprises of a 110m long undulating bench. This was decorated with small coloured tiles and pieces of glass by the artist Josep Maria Jujol.

Park Guell has a free part to visit and a monumental part that costs 8€ for an adult. It is open every day. It is possible to get there in metro though the nearest stations are not very close. From Vallcarca metro station (line 3 – green) mechanical escalators make the uphill walk easier.

The Tourist Bus stops at Park Guell, so if you decide to see Barcelona this way, you can take advantage of it stopping in Park Guell.

Tibidabo and Collserola Park
Tibidabo is on the highest point of Mount Collserola, an important area of woods and parkland, and offers a breathtaking view of the city.
On Mount Collserola one can visit the Tibidao amusement park, Tibidabo Temple and the Communication Tower designed by Sir Norman Foster; the profile of these can be seen from all over the city. The amusement park has been running since 1900, and combines traditional and simple installations such as the watchtower with more modern installations.

Tibidabo can be reached on the famous Tranvía Blau, a true symbol of the city of Barcelona, which leaves you at the foot of the funicular, from where the last stage of the trip can be completed.

Tibidabo is located in the main green space of the Barcelona Metropolitan area, Collserola Park, formed of more than 8000 hectares of Mediterranean woodland. The park is of great ecological value, particularly so given its proximity to one of the densest populated areas in the whole Mediterranean.
Within the park there are infinite possibilities for hiking, cycling and simply enjoying being surrounded by nature while just being kilometres from the city.

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Montjuic Mountain is the perfect place to relax and take a stroll thanks to its many gardens and the spectacular views of the city that it offers.
As well as being the site of many sporting and cultural facilities, there are a number of interesting parks and gardens worth a visit:

Costa i Llobera Gardens
Composed of 6.15 hectares of cacti and succulents, it is considered to be one of the most important collections of these plants in Europe.
Botanical Garden
The Botanical Garden was opened in 1999 and has 14 hectares of gardens dedicated to the flora of different regions of the Mediterranean basin as well as other areas of the world.

Horta Labyrinth Park
As its name tells, the Horta Labyrinth Park offers a labyrinth within a 9.1 hectare green space, an attractive and calm place to spend some time with your family.

It is the oldest park within Barcelona and is located in the former factory of the Desvalls family, at the foot of Collserola. There is also a neoclassical garden dating from the 18th century and a romantic garden from the 19th century.

The former Palace of the Desvalls family is found in the park, it combines neoarabic and neogothic elements, and preserves its ancient medieval defensive tower, called the Subirana Tower.

Castell de l’Oreneta Park
The Castell de L’Oreneta Park is found in the upper part of Barcelona, at the foot of Collserola Park. It consists of 17 hectares of Mediterranean vegetation and creates the sensation of being in the middle of a deep wood, whilst still within the city.

The park is very well set up for children, with play areas woodland footpaths, pony riding and a miniature train ride, making it an ideal place to spend some time with your children.