Barcelona spoils the gastronomically inclined visitor for choice. On offer you will find tapas from all over Spain, traditional Catalan mediterranean cuisine, and of course the highly experimental ‘nueva cocina’ made famous by Ferran Adrià’s El Bulli restaurant.

Traditional Catalan specialities include rice dishes such as Arros a la Casola – a delicious soupy Paella, Escalivada (roasted and peeled aubergines, red peppers and onions marinated in oil), and Suquet – a traditional fishermans stew with clams.

Seafood in Barcelona is a specilaity and its restaurants and markets have some of the best and freshest seafood anywhere in the world. Another trait of Catalan cooking is the Mar i Montanya concept, dishes that mix meat and fish – unorthodox and delicious examples include meatballs with cuttlefish or rabbit with clams.

If the Mar i Montanya leaves you unsure wether to order red or white wine do not worry, Barcelona is surrounded by the Penedes wine making region – famous for its dry white wines and Cavas. Wine is produced throughout Catalunya, from north to south, and the quality is excellent. In recent years organic wione making has taken off in a big way.

Enjoy, or as the Catalans say – bon profit!