Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2016

This year the Barcelona Tattoo Expo returns with more activities and renowned global tattoo artists in one place than ever before, with no less than 300 tattoo professionals under one roof gathered to run workshops and conduct individual tattoo appointments, as well as to network with other tattoo artists and aficionados.

Barcelona’s Tattoo Expo runs parallel to the BAUM Festival (Barcelona Art and Urban Movement) this year; BAUM is a celebration urban culture in extreme sports shows, dance battles, custom car and motorcycle displays, and urban photography. Tattooing and the Barcelona Tattoo Expo form another part of this celebration of urban culture.

The Expo takes place from September the 30th to October at the Fira de Barcelona. Opening times are from 12pm to 12am on Friday and Saturday, and from 12pm to 10pm on Sunday. One-day tickets and three-day passes can be purchased online.

More information

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La Merce 2016

One of the most important days of the year in Barcelona is la Mercè, a festival that honours the Virgin of Grace (Mare de Déu de la Mercè), co-patron saint of Barcelona along with Saint Eulàlia.

Celebrated since the Middle Ages, when Barcelona suffered a plague of locusts and asked for the Virgin’s assistance. After the plague was defeated, la Mercè was named patroness of the city of Barcelona and ever since the festival has been celebrated annually in honour of the Virgin.

This year la Mercè will feature a distinctly French accent. Paris is to be ‘guest city’, sending its artists and activities for all to enjoy.

From the 22nd to the 25th of September, Barcelona’s citizens and tourists will be able to enjoy performances by French artists such as the street and circus art cooperative 2r2, the prestigious theatre company Théâtre Silvia Monfort, and Centquatre in Paris. The highlight undoubtedly will be ‘Nuage’, in which acrobats will climb a ladder and jump onto a cloud suspended over the audience.

Traditional Catalan culture also will feature highly, of course, as la Mercè is one of the moments when Barcelona shows its folklore to the world.

Filling the streets will be typical Catalan customs such as ‘cercaviles’, in which giants and other carnival figures will explain the city’s history accompanied by live traditional music.

No festival in Catalunya is celebrated without as ‘correfoc’, a pyrotechnic display by ‘diables’ (devils) who dance whilst holding torches and throwing fireworks.

As well as a keeping tradition alive, La Mercè will also looksto the future and embrace new technology this year. A live real-time interactive show will take place between three spaces: the CCCB museum, Ciutadella Park and the Fabra i Coats building, in the Sant Andreu district. Performances taking place will be turned into one complete show that is broadcast in the three different venues.

This year’s la Mercè opens up to new areas of the city such as Trinitat Park and the Fabra i Coats facility, as well as the traditional central Barcelona streets where the event takes place.

La Mercè 2016 promises to be innovative and more exciting than ever. if you are in Barcelona this weekend, be sure to join the fun.

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La Traviata at the Palau de la Musica

Giuseppe Verdi’s drama La Traviata is one of the most widely performed opera works ever written.

La Traviata in three acts set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave andis based on Alexandre Dumas’ semi-biographical novel ‘The Lady of Camellias’ (1848) which tells the story of a high-society Parisian courtesan called Violetta as she looks back over life from her deathbed.

A new performance featuring over 80 performers, including a symphony orchestra, choir and soloists, is taking place at the Palau de Musica in Barcelona.

Brought to the stage by Orquestra Terrassa 48 under the musical direction of Xavier Puig, it brings Verdi’s masterpiece to life in a flamboyant two-hour show examining eternal themes of love and death and offering insights into the class system and bourgeois hypocrisies of 19th century Paris.

Ticket prices range from 26€ to 54€ and performances run from September to November 2016.

For more information see the website of the Palau de la Musica here:

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The Skate Love Festival

The Skate Love Festival is Barcelona’s weekend long ‘music festival on wheels’, where roller skate lovers from all across the globe can connect, celebrate and perfect their art form.

Proceedings open on Friday evening with an informal meet and greet before a weekend of roller jam parties, workshops, movie screenings, dance battles, exhibitions and shows.

As you would expect, most activities are aimed at roller skaters, but non-skaters are welcome to attend the Skate Love Show on Saturday and Sunday nights, where experienced skaters will share their talent and joy with the audience.

Day passes can be purchased online for €21 until September 15th.

BCN Roller Dance, founded in 2011, is the driving force behind the Skate Love Festival, an event that attracts the most interesting, fun, loving and impressive skaters, DJ’s, and athletes from all round the world.

Skate Love Barcelona 2016 takes place from Friday the 16th to Sunday the 18th of September and is predominantly to be held on the Badalona beach promenade, as well as and other locations in Barcelona.

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Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture

Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture is an exhibition at the Museu del Disseny devoted to the use, function, symbolism and the aesthetics of the use of ceramics in architecture.

The collection of works dating from ancient times, particularly the Mediterranean, Middle East and Ancient Mesopotamia, explores the symbolism and use of clay bricks, tiles and ornaments in architecture over time, across millennia and up to present day. Works from Picasso and Miró are included.

In this exhibition, the Museu del Disseny aims to highlight the importance and the continuing use of ceramics in architecture, as well as to show both ancient and modern applications of ceramics in architecture.

The show’s curator is the architect Pedro Azara. It opens as part of the Forty-Seventh Congress of the International Academy of Ceramics of Barcelona, an event that will be hosted in the Disseny Hub Barcelona building, which also houses the Museu del Disseny.

It runs from the 16th of September 2016 to the 29th of January 2017 in Room A of the Museu del Disseny.

Tickets cost 4,40€, or 3€ for concessions.

More information.

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Hotels amb DO 2016

The Barcelona Hotel Association are collaborating with The Catalan Institute of Vineyards and Wine (ICANVI) in 52 wine tasting sessions across 28 of the city’s most prestigious luxury hotels.

From the 12th of September to the 18th of September and for the fifth year in a row, tasting sessions will offer the chance to learn about the basic principles of wine tasting, as well as to learn more about 12 Catalan DO wines, and of course, to taste some (6) of them. Many of these carefully selected wines have won international awards.

Although most sessions are in Catalan, two sessions in English will take place at the Neri and Ohla hotel.

Participating hotels include: 1898, ABaC Restaurant & Hotel, Alexandra, Arts Barcelona, Raval Barceló, Claris, DO: Plaza Real, Spain, Cram, Gran Hotel La Florida, Catalonia Gran Hotel Torre, Hilton Barcelona, Hotel Neri, Le Méridien Barcelona, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, Mandarin Oriental Barcelona, Barcelona Melia, Mercer Hotel Barcelona, Barcelona Whisper, Ohla Hotel and Omm.

The event coincides with the Mostra de Vins i Caves de Catalunya, the Catalan wine and cava show. Now in it’s 39th edition, the event is held on Passeig de Lluís Companys during the festival of La Mercè from September 22nd-25th.

Tickets cost €15 and preregistration is required.

More information

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Catalan Book Week

As any visitor to Barcelona will quickly discover, Catalunya has its own language, Catalan with a long and proud history. Indeed, the oldest known surviving book in the Iberian peninsula is in Catalan, a medieval recipe book.

Catalunya is also the centre of Spain’s publishing industry and home to most of its major publishing houses. The Catalan love of literature is symbolised nowhere better than on Sant Jordi, the day of Catalunya’s patron saint (Saint Jordi will be familiar to English people as Saint George), when Catalans gift books and roses to one another.

Catalan Book Week has been running for the past 33 years and brings together over 127 exhibitors and 250 activities revolving around literature in Catalan. Publishers from Catalunya, Valencia and the Balearic Islands will be displaying the newest, top-selling Catalan books, as well as magazines and print media archive stocks of rare works.

Activities planned throughout the week are numerous and include poetry readings, storytelling for children and literature discussions. This year’s event carries special weight, as Barcelona looks to strengthen its bid to become a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a City of Literature.

Catalan Book Week takes place in the old town, very close to the Gothic Cathedral on the Avinguda de la Catedral from September 2nd to the 11th.

More information can be found here:

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La Festa Catalana (Catalan Festival)

La Festa Catalana (The Catalan Festival) is a weekly exhibition of Catalan traditions and festivities such as the ‘sardana’ folk dance, ‘castells’ human towers, ‘gegants’ huge puppets, and many more. La Festa Catalana (Catalan Festival) celebrates Catalan traditions and festivities every Saturday throughout the summer.

Situated in Plaça Nova against the impressive backdrop of Barcelona’s gothic cathedral, the festival introduces visitors to the rich culture and history of Catalunya, with an ample array of tradition and customs from the region offered.

This is a mavellous opportunity to see these colourful and impressive traditions and get a taste of Catalunya’s rich culture and heritage. La Festa Catalana is free to visit.

The weekly Festa Catalana enables visitors to Barcelona who might otherwise miss these cultural spectacles, which are usually only seen during local festivals.

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Mecal 2016

Mecal is a festival of international short and animation films that takes place every year in Barcelona, this year being the 9th edition.

With more than 5500 short films submitted and 350 works screened in the last edition, Mecal has become one of the most important festivals of shorts and animation both in Europe and internationally, it represents a unique opportunity to see the best new short films made here in Spain as well as abroad.

So you head to Poble Espanyol every Saturday in July and every Friday in August to enjoy the programme. This year’s themes include sex, horror, sci-fi, comedy and plenty more.

Tickets cost €3.50 with a flyer and €6.50 without.

More information here. —

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Caixaforum Noches de Verano

Every summer the Caixaforum offers its ´Noches de Verano´, an exciting programme of events in the museum´s main hall. With an exciting and full schedule, this year, as every year, you can enjoy interesting live music for free, in a special and beautiful environment.

This year, the mainstay of the programme is musical, a variety of concerts will be performed, though there will also be a number of exhibitions based on theatre, dance, urban art and opera.

Some highlights we’d suggest include ‘Micro-Shakespeare’ an opportunity to take part in the playwright’s most celebrated works, or the classical ‘Silk String Quartet’ from China.

Take a look at Caixaforum’s website for more information on artists and performances. The summer nights series began on the 6th July and takes place every Wednesday until 31st August.

Most events are free though some will cost between €4 and €6. Tickets can be bought online in advance. More information can be found here.

Activities in August:

8th of August, 8 pm and 10 pm
Paula Domínguez
Flamenco Concert

8th of August, 9 pm
Kammerflimmer Kollektief
Avant-jazz Electronic music

15th of August, 8 pm and 10 pm
Gumbo Jass Band
Jazz from Nueva Orleans

22nd of August, 8 pm and 10 pm
Jan Jelinek y Masayoshi Fujita
Avant-jazz Electronic music

22nd of August, 9 pm, 9:30 pm and 10 pm
The Haunted House


29th of August, 8 pm and 10 pm
El vino en la ópera
Voice and piano recital

29th of August, 9 pm
El mur (The wall)

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