Emirates announces direct flights to Barcelona from New Zealand

Good news for New Zealanders, who will now be able to choose between two gateways into Spain when the Emirates airlines introduces direct services to Barcelona from July 3 2012, after doubling frequencies to Madrid from July 1.

The airline is boosting to its services in Spain on the heels of mounting demand for its Madrid service, launched in August 2010.

Its no surprise Barcelona is so popular with the people of New Zealand. Not only does it offer a wealth of gothic and art nouveau architecture, art galleries, world class restaurants, wineries, sandy beaches and the Montserrat mountain range, it also offers exactly the kind of outdoors lifestyle and sunshine that makes life in New Zealand so enjoyable.

The European Cities Monitor 2011 named Barcelona as the top European city for employees’ quality of living and the 6th most attractive city in Europe to do business, so the new flight route also has significant business implications for trade between the two countries.

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13 Responses to Emirates announces direct flights to Barcelona from New Zealand

  1. Akishya says:

    This is a great news a lot of travelers will benefit from this. And this would be a good way to increase the tourist arrival between the two countries. Thanks for the post.

  2. Teyona from Real Estate Park City UT says:

    It’s a great news! There will be more visitors coming to Barcelona. Amazing!

  3. Lilibeth from Lingerie NZ says:

    Two more thing my beloved Barcelona has over my even more dear New Zealand. Excellent feminine shopping and delicious food. I think I may have some travel in my future!

  4. Joyce12 says:

    That’s really a good news to all who are in New Zealand and want to have a tour direct in Barcelona. Even tourists in New Zealand can have their direct flight to Barcelona.

  5. Tiffany from Richardsons Holiday Parks says:

    This only means one thing – more tourists in Barcelona! :) Happy trip to people from New Zealand.

  6. Yes barcelona, is really one of a kind city.The flamengo flourishes on the streets and the house that I’ve found through Apartment Barcelona was awesome}

  7. Stella from Homestay in India says:

    That was really a good news for the New Zealanders to direct flight for Barcelona from New Zealanders. I hope this can save the maximum time for the New Zealanders who want to go Emirates country.

  8. Mimi from Miami Luxury Homes says:

    This site really helps travelers who want to visit in Barcelona. Information posted here are very useful and very important.

  9. Never been to Barcelona but I’ve heard a lot about it. Sounds like an interesting place to live.

  10. jason from las vegas video production says:

    This will surely benefit the tourism industries of both countries. A welcome development.

  11. Jason Dexter from Chinese Scrolls says:

    The more direct flights the better. This shows that the airline is paying attention to the needs of its customers. Direct flights save so much time and make it a lot more convenient, especially for business travelers who are on a tight schedule. This will benefit not only the tourism industry, but also business travelers as well. I would like to go to Barcelona some time.

  12. Matt from Zuma says:

    The advice is quite exciting.

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