Barcelona switches on the Christmas lights, LED style

This week the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, activated Barcelona’s Christmas lights in Plaça Catalunya.

Thanks to LED technology, Barcelona is upping the ante while many cities cut back on their Christmas decorations. New LED technology means the city is able to put on
the lights for longer at less cost; the Christmas lights go on two days ahead of schedule, and off a day later than usual but the cost is down from 200,000 euros to 10,000 euros. This innovation is keeping the streets bright and cheerful in the face of the economic downturn, and the aim is to stimulate activity and commerce in the city centre.

Rambla Catalonia can exhibits another curious and novel aspect of the Christmas festivities in Barcelona, in the shape of 27 enormous pieces of pasta about half the size of a person, grouped on the walkway between Provença and the Gran Via.

One other important innovation this year is the installation of an ice rink at Plaça Catalunya, the rink is 40 x 30 feet wide, covered by a semi-transparent dome and has capacity for 300 skaters. Another highlight this year are the large six feet tall Christmas trees the city council is installing all throughout Barcelona.

If you are visiting Barcelona this Christmas you will be sure not to miss the decorations if you venture into the city centre. The gothic quarter is wonderfully atmospheric and should not be missed at this time of year.

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10 Responses to Barcelona switches on the Christmas lights, LED style

  1. Brian Kinkade from Highlands Ranch real estate says:

    It is Christmas time again and every place is full of decorations. I can imagine Barcelona now the place must be looking so beautiful with all those decorations. It was very wise of the administration there to be able to cut down on the costs yet still maintain a beautiful appearance.

  2. Wow! This is so cool. I would love to gaze at these lights all night. This place is like a space-inspired holiday destination!

  3. Beau Hooker says:

    Yep, thanks to efficient LED lights, it becomes much easier to lower the costs of Christmas, and not go over the budget. With that said, the extra bright lights help celebrate the holidays with a bang – or in this case, a flash.

  4. Tiffany from Richardsons Holiday Parks says:

    Using LED Christmas lights is a nice move. I hope more countries or people around the world will do the same. That would then be a great gift for Mother Nature this Christmas. :)

  5. Car Hire USA says:

    Very nice move. The LED technology is economical and also fantastic and decorative. I can’t wait to see the decoration of lights on Christmas.

  6. Brenneth says:

    Wow! Amazingly beautiful! How I wish we have it here in our city!
    Have a merry Christmas everyone!

  7. The LED technology seems very nice and decorative. I had missed Christmas lights at Barcelona but will plan in visit next Christmas.

  8. DavidV from led suppliers says:

    I’m a bit jealous, because I live in Budapest, and our city lights are consuming so much! They are beautiful though, so it’s worth it! Would be better with led…

  9. On my own opinion, I think that its a great idea that Barcelona switches on the Christmas light led style. I think that its great to see Barcelona with led lights on. I know that its better to use led light than the old Christmas lights.

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