Ten top tips for renting a Barcelona beach apartment

  1. Make sure the apartment really is close to the beach. In Barcelona there are no ‘Beachfront’ apartments because there is a road directly behind the beach. However in the residential district behind the beach you can find apartments no more than 5 minutes walk from the beach.
  2. Only book an apartment near the beach if it has air-conditioning. The last thing you will want on returning from a day’s sun and sea is a hot apartment With aircon you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment and will sleep much better.
  3. An apartment with a terrace will offer you a place to sit and enjoy the sun, to relax with a cold drink or to enjoy eating outdoors. Many beach apartments have a terrace or else a communal terrace for the whole building on the roof.
  4. Check your Barcelona beach apartment is near to some public transport. The beach district stretches from the edge of the centre all the way out of the city. All of this area is agreeable to stay in, and its different areas all have interesting and distinct characters.  If you are staying away from the centre do not worry as there are many metro stops and bus routes, to make life easier you should find an apartment that is near to a public transport stop.
  5. Visit a chiringuito. Chiringuitos are Spanish beach bars – a place to have a drink on the beach, under a parasol and with your feet in the sand. These are very enjoyable and relaxing places, often playing chill-out music. They can be found all along the beach and are an essential Barcelona beach experience.
  6. Rent a bicycle. The beach is the perfect place from where to explore Barcelona by bicycle as there is a beach promenade all along its length offering a safe and scenic bike ride. From here you can cycle all the way into the historic centre, there are many bike lanes which are much safer, or into other parts of the city to see sites such as the works of Gaudi.
  7. Get to the beach early. It is recommendable to go to the beach early to claim a good place near the water and to be there before the sun is too hot. Around mid day many people will leave the beach to eat and escape the midday sun, and return again late in the afternoon.
  8. Leave valuables in your safe or in the apartment. Most Barcelona beach apartments come with a safe and it is better to leave valuables such as large sums of money, bank cards, passports and consumer electronics here while you are at the beach. This way you will have a more relaxing day ay the beach knowing that you do not need to constantly worry about your valuables.
  9. Be prepared. If you are renting a Barcelona beach apartment it will come with all the towels you need for washing, but not beach towels. Take your own beach towels, sun screen,  and water. A beach umbrella is a good idea and can be purchased in most supermarkets in summer time for under 10 euros. When you leave the beach, pick up your litter and dispose of it in one of the bins provided.
  10. Try the beaches outside of Barcelona too. It is very easy to catch a train from Barcelona either north or south, the train follows the line of the shore. When you sea a beach you like, you can simply get off and visit the beach. There are many fine beaches outside of Barcelona that are also worth visiting for a change of air.

Where to Stay

There are many options available. Perhpas the most popluar spot is is Poblenou where we offer the Poblenou Beach building with 12 Barcelona beach apartments. Here another option is he Marquet Beach building with 4 more Barcelona beach apartments.

Close to the Port Olympic and Port Vell is the quaint former fisherman’s quarter of Barceloneta. Here we offer the Sant Miquel building offering 4 apartments by the beach.

Right at the edge of the city centre, the historical Gothic Quarter and close to las Ramblas, is the Colon Building, right next to Barceloneta metro station, where the Gothic Quarter meets the Barceloneta, with 16 Barcelona beach apartments. The Colon Building also boasts a roof deck with a pool with stunning views of the old port and of the sea.

As well as these recommendations, see our Barcelona beach apartments section for other interesting rentals by the beach.

Should you need any convincing that the beach is the best place to stay in Barcelona, here are 5 compelling arguments for the beach.

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16 Responses to Ten top tips for renting a Barcelona beach apartment

  1. Tiffany from Richardsons Holiday Parks says:

    An apartment close to the beach would indeed be great. It will be very convenient to go to the beach anytime and go back to your room whenever you want to. Some hassle is not what we want during a vacation. :)

  2. Hey I was thinking of visiting Barcelona next summer, these are some great tips provided =)

  3. Thanks for the tips i am going to Barcelona near Christmas and fancy a beach front apartment.

  4. Brian Kinkade from Denver MLS says:

    This is good information for one who may be visiting Barcelona soon. I think having an apartment near the beach is a nice idea as it will cut your travel costs and also make you free to visit the beach at any time.

    • Josep Ferrer says:

      Thanks Brian. The beach is a great place to be all year round. Even days like today in December when it is cold’ish but bright and sunny with not a cloud in the sky. The beach is still a great place to be with bars and terraces open and nice fresh sea air!

  5. Josep Ferrer says:

    Hi Tiffany – so true- staying next to the beach has so many advantages :-)

  6. Hmmm… what could be better than a great escape at the beach? But in Barcelona? Yeah, that’s like one of the ultimate beach locations! This post is absolutely very useful for trippers heading to Spain.

  7. James from computer skills says:

    Renting bicycles is a great way to see these type of locations. Really get to relax and take it all in.

  8. Jon McCabes says:

    Hey Josep once again great tips, like I said the family and I are headed out there this July for the family vacay. Been doing A LOT of reading about Barcelona

  9. Oahu Resorts says:

    Dear Josep Ferrer,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, I am planning for my first time this summer time with my boyfriend. We rented an condominium on the beach front (Barceloneta community) and we talk minor to no Spanish.

    What will ideally I visit, and what/the place need to I keep away from!?

    Many thanks :)

    • Josep Ferrer says:

      In Barceloneta you will have the beach right on your doorstep. In no more than 10 minutes you can walk to Las Ramblas as the Old Town. On your way you will pass by the old port (port vell) where you can shop in the maremagnum shopping centre. Barcelona is a safe city, take the usual precautions you would in any city, but there aren’t any areas to avoid all together.

  10. Adam from Bike Rental Central Park says:

    Hi Josep Ferrer,

    For my Honey moon we have to decide where to go, please recommend us a nice place where we can spend our earlier days of a new life.

    • Josep Ferrer says:

      Spain is a great choice, and Barcelona is the best city in Spain :-) Asturias, Galicia, the Pyrenees, Costa Brava and Andalucia are all great places too.

  11. Mark from lisbon apartments to rent says:

    I think Barcelona would be great option for enjoying and spend a good time. Actually beach is one of the favorite places which my girlfriend likes most. Also your tips will help me to rent an apartment near beach of Barcelona. Thanks

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