Barcelona cruise ships now in record numbers

On the 20th of August 2011 the port of Barcelona set a new record: a staggering tally of over 31,000 cruise passengers embarked and disembarked in its terminals in just one day. This sets a new record for the largest cruise port in Europe, due in large to the docking of eight large cruise ships in that same day

barcelona cruise shipThe colossal capacity of ships such as the Liberty of the Seas, licensed to carry more than 4,500 passengers, means that the port of Barcelona continues to record staggering numbers of visitors.

Figures reflecting a booming tourism sector in Barcelona. These figures of the 20th of August are added to the 1.3 million who have already passed through the port this year up until July.

Forecasts from the harbor predict a record 2.5 million cruise passengers for 2011.

This season a number of large ships cruising the Mediterranean have chosen Barcelona to head their operations from Barcelona such as Epic Norwegian (5,400 passengers) and Liberty of the Seas (4,500 passengers), which replaces the Voyager of the Seas.

According to recent data the Spanish cruise market is now the second largest in the world, sharing the position with America. This is a major turnaround, just five years ago, the Spanish market was one of the least significant. A major factor in this turnaround is without doubt the city of Barcelona.

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  1. It is true of Spain, but I’d say cruises are much more popular than they were a few decades ago anyway. For me from the UK, stopping off in Spain is just part of my Medittaranean cruise.

  2. Josep Ferrer says:

    Its true. Cruises have become much more popular since the 1990s. There is more choice and Cruise Lines have worked on improving their offering and broadening its appeal to a younger demographic, plus ships now offer more facilities and more luxury. Spain is a great starting point on a cruise of the Mediterranean from the UK, Cyprus is a great destination in the Eastern Mediterranean.

  3. Anshuman Mishra from Solar shades says:

    The “Norwegian Sky” that have the capacity of taking 31,000 passengers has got the popularity in Europe due to its finest interior in the world.

  4. gary from small boat plans says:

    I am not surprised that there are so many cruise ships near Barcelona as it really is one the best destinations in the world for a holiday

  5. Brian Kinkade from real estate Denver says:

    This number of tourists is amazing. I am sure Barcelona must be getting quite a large income in the tourist sector due to this.

  6. Sophia says:

    Thank you for this post, Barcelona is really a good choice for cruise trip. I have not experienced one cruise trip up to now. It would be great!

  7. Tiffany from Richardsons Boating Holidays says:

    Barcelona is a great place so I think it’s no wonder why it has the new record for the largest cruise port in Europe. This will definitely boost Barcelona’s tourism industry. :)

  8. Carol from Cruise Vacation says:

    What an amazing place to cruise to! But 2.5 million cruise passengers? The city must get overwhelmed! Thanks for posting these stats – most interesting.

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