Water Sports in Barcelona – Surfing and Gaudí

Among the many activities on offer in Barcelona, water sports are a great option. These offer a fun-packed day, the perfect way to escape the summer heat and enjoy the ocean in-between swimming, sunbathing and topping up your tan. Water sport centres are predominantly based around Port Olimpic.

Popular activities here which are suitable for families and all age groups include banana boat rides and kayaking. More adventurous activities available include Jet Ski hire, Windsurfing, Parasailing and Wakeboarding. For the still more adventurous, scuba diving can be arranged – the Mediterranean coast of Spain is rich in good dive sites. Sailing and boat rental are also available to those with experience, there are a good many sailing schools if you are interested in learning. People do surf in Barcelona, and while it is no Hawaii, in winter there is enough surf to attract plenty of people to the water.

One of the beauties of Barcelona as a holiday destination is its flexibility, this is a city where you can combine a hobby such as sailing, wakeboarding or scuba diving with the delights of one of the most cosmopolitan cities on earth. There truly are few cities where you can scuba dive in the morning, visit rich architectural treasures built by Gaudi in the afternoon, and dine in a stylish modern restaurant on world class cuisine in the evening.

Where to Stay

If you wish to do some water sports while you are in Barcelona you may wish to stay in front of the beach.

Close to the Port Olympic and Port Vell (where there is a Marina and plenty of sailing boats) in the quaint former fisherman’s quarter of Barceloneta. Here we offer the Sant Miquel building offering 4 apartments by the beach.

Further along the shore is Poblenou where we offer the Poblenou Beach building with 12 Barcelona beach apartments. The Marquet Beach building in the same neighbourhood has 4 more Barcelona beach apartments.

Back in the centre of the city on the edge of the historical Gothic Quarter and close to las Ramblas is the Colon Building, right next to Barceloneta metro station, where the Gothic Quarter meets the Barceloneta, with 16 Barcelona beach apartments. The Colon Building also boasts a roof deck with a pool with stunning views of the old port and of the sea.

Also see our Barcelona beach apartments section for other interesting rentals by the beach.

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  3. jessica from tankless water heater electric says:

    well, Barcelona is a hotspot for surfing for decades. When I was there, I sailed and go fishing at Port Vell. It was a wonderful experience.

  4. stephen says:

    stayed in Barcelona for the first time in May this year and it is a great place.Visited Gaudis park which is really nice but take a hat and lots of sunscreen and water as its really hot and can be very busy and all the shady areas get taken.
    Definitely will be going back with the boat.

  5. Josep Ferrer says:

    Good tip Stephen as Parc Guell is very exposed. Well worth the visit though!

  6. Tom from boating holidays uk says:

    At Base Nautica at the La Mar Bella beach in Barcelona you can hire water sports equipment and take lessons in a wide range of activities on the sea.

  7. Reggie from Hot air ballooning gold coast says:

    Hi there,
    We are looking to take a trip to Barcelona next year and would like to do such activities but are worried about the weather. What in your opinion is the best time to go weather wise? Thanks!

    • Josep Ferrer says:

      Hi Reggie

      If you want surf then winter is better – there is more swell and less there are less people in the water. The hottest months are from late May to late September, but there is year round sunshine here so you can enjoy water sports pretty much year round.



  8. Love the water sports there. As I’m from Cornwall, which is the best you get in my country, visiting Barcelona makes a great holiday.

  9. Issac says:

    Barcelona is well known for its water sports

  10. Josep Ferrer says:

    Perfect – calm seas, lots of sun and a great harbour

  11. Peter from leak detection Dublin says:

    The beaches of Barcelona are really awesome. I just saw the links to the Barcelona Beach Apartments, some really nice apartments with fabulous interiors. Hope the beach view from these apartments is also good.

  12. Alex from Subsea Companies says:

    Nice information here. Water sports really excites me and these activities, especially diving, are what makes me keep coming back to beaches. :)

  13. windsurfing from windsurfing gear says:

    A great place to visit and spend quality time. I didn’t know that you can enjoy water sports here, but it seems that it is perfect for this activity. What is the cheapest accommodation?

  14. Hi, My husband’s 40th birthday is coming soon and I am thinking about a trip to France. We’ve both been to Spain, Italy, UK but not France. Any ideas how to spend 12-14 days? We both like cities, beaches and countryside (but don’t have to do all). Defiinitely like to get a feel for what the locals do (not just super tourist-y stuff). We are healthy and active (but don’t want to make it sports-themed like biking or hiking trip). We loved Barcelona..the arts, architecture, food, shopping, water, etc. Thanks!!!!!

  15. Anders from Designer Swimwear for Men says:

    Yeah, when I was in Barcelona I came across a number of water parks. Although I didn’t use any, there seemed to be plenty to choose from.

  16. jazz from kayaks seattle says:

    I truly like your post. I agree, among the all activities water sport is a great option in Barcelona. I’ve been there once and I had a lot of fun over there. I enjoyed some more activities there like swimming, sunbathing and especially boating for three hours.

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