Summer Jazz in Barcelona – Keith Jarret & Wynton Marsalis

The Festival Grec this summer offers jazz lovers concerts from some huge names in the world of jazz – none other than Keith Jarret (23rd of July) and Wynton Marsalis (14th of July).

Keith Jarret came to fame in the world of jazz, jazz fusion and classical improvisations on the piano in the early 1970s. Wynton Marsalis entered the jazz scene in the early 80s, with his accoustic trumpet sound Marsalis broke away from the fusion sound of the 1970s.

The Teatre Grec, or Greek Theatre, on Montjuïc is a wonderful venue to hear either of these jazz greats play. This theatre was built in a disused quarry on Montjuic for the 1929 Universal Exhibition and is an open-air replication of a classical Greek theatre.

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If you are visiting Barcelona and enjoy jazz you may also wish to visit some of the cities numerous excellent jazz clubs such as Jazzman at Carrer Roger de Flor, 238 ( or Bel-Luna at Rambla Catalunya, 5 (

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  1. Mila from learning piano chords says:

    I’ve been in Barcelona once and I did listened to jazz bands there and do you know how it feels if you listen to jazz in Barcelona? As if you’re sitting on the beach while the sun’s going down and you are at peace with yourself.

  2. Greece is for many years a popular destination for a lot of visitors that want to live closely the Greek hospitality

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