Barcelona – the perfect city to see by bicycle

With its year round sunshine and low rainfall, Barcelona is the perfect city to explore on bicycle thanks to an extensive network of cycle lanes as well as numerous pedestrian streets and broad ramblas in the city centre. Barcelona is very compact so it is always easy to travel within the city, and easier still by bike. Like its northern counterpart in Denmark, Copenhagen, Barcelona has made itself into a cycle city where the bike is replacing the car as a main means of transport. The only difference is that Barcelona is less cold and wet and has more daylight to see by!

In recent years the ajuntament (local council) has invested a great deal of funds in creating a network of cycle lanes throughout the city. Hard to miss is the bicing cycle scheme. Also sponsored by the ajuntament, this innovative scheme incorporates bicycles into the cities integrated transport network. Once you have joined, rental for up to 30 mins is free.

The scheme has been a great success for the city and for the promotion of bicycles as a green and cheap means of urban transport, and is now being copied in Paris. The bad news is that it is not available to foreigners, and you have to be registered as living in Spain to sign up.

None-the-less, the private sector offers countless opportunities for cycle hire – try, or

So if you are visiting Barcelona why not see some of its sites under pedal power? This is a great way to see parts of the city you otherwise would not discover and will transport you between sites quickly and safely.

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5 Responses to Barcelona – the perfect city to see by bicycle

  1. Cem Anderson says:

    cycling in barcelona, that would be great.

  2. bety says:

    Beautiful article, this is one of my preferred destinations to visit when i go to europe. Biking is certainly a good way to take in the sceneary while getting a great deal of exercise at the same time. Thanks for the info!

  3. Bep tu says:

    cycling for fresh air, nice article

  4. Mike from Quad Bike says:

    Been to Barcelona. There in Barcelona, there were lots of bikes and many people use bikes to travel due to congestion. If I stay longer, I would have used a bicycle to look around. Was there only for 2 days.

  5. Henry from bike racks for cars says:

    If you were mountain bikers you would find many great trails in and esp. around Barcelona in the Collserola mountains. For road bikes I find it less a less attractive spot

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